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shots. everybody started running toward the shooting. then from that, they started retreating and coming back into the church >> sources say members of one gang were outside the church taunting members of another gang. those words led to gunfire. a car chase, and bloodshed on the streets. brian weaver was on u street wh it happened. >> we heard about ten gunshots happen in a short burst, and then a couple more after that, and then a car rushing down u street. i ran out on to the streets to see -- they came by at a high rate of speed. heard the crash of the accident and we see t car flipped oer here at 11th and u. >> ashley mcrae was murdered september 18th. her murder was not gang related, they say it came as aresult of a domestic argument. last week, 21-year-old damon samms was arrested and charg in that case.
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but police say members from a number of gangs were at her funeral and friction between those gangs lead to that shooting and murder today. >> on the scene, counsel imm jim graham came back fom vacation when he learned about the shooting. >> we are absolutely fed up with this madness, which is present today, but it has been present before. and we need new legal remedies. >> a look out tonight for a getawacar, they say it's a light or cream colored sedan, possibly a crown vick. so far, no suspects identified no arrests made. jim, back to you. >> fright thing afternoon there, pat collins, thank you. our team coverage continues now with jkie benson live on u street where all those restaurants and stores have been virtually decertificated since this violence erupted. >> reporter: we're going to show you what it looks like here.
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this is what if looks like all around the utreet area right now. police officers are directing traffic trying to get people around this area. as can you see, up facing 13th street at u, is desserted at this point. for much of the afternoon u street has been closed to all vehicle traffic from th street to 12th street ando all foot traffic from 13th to 12th. now inside that perimeter are doze of the city's most popular bars and restaurants, all of which normally see a brisk lunch and happy hour business. they've been closed for about ve hours now. so they're normally very busy, but not today. >> few customers, just because the kitchen and street are closed. unfortunately, i guess because of the shooting. >> usually 1,000 people walking
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up and down, driving up and down. >> merchants tell us they are extremely compassionate. they understand the reason for this closing, they're certainly not complaining about it. what they are concerned about is something that councilmember graham referenced earlier there. they're worried about their business, they're worried that people might not see this as a safe area. might not want come down here, that's the challenge police have to reassure people that this area is very safe. back to you. >> that's talking about near that landmark bin chilly bowl is in that same strip right there. yeah, this is a popular place that's been put on the map in the last few years. thanks, jackie. a man is recovering tonight after falling more than 20 feet down a well in charles county. it happened at a pump station that feeds ito a sewage treatment plant in waldorf. craig melvin was there and with the crews that worked pull him out. he joins us now from the newsroom with the latest.
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greg? >> reporter: charles county has not ca given us the man's name, nor have they explained how he was doing routine maintenance one minute and waist de in sewage water the next. >> a gentleman was doing some sort of maintenance work, somehow he fell into the hole. it's approximately 18 to 20 feet to the bottom. >> reporter: rescuers sprang into action. >> i got in the wet suit. they rged me all up and sent me down thehole. they were able to get the water level under control and bring it back to about ankle deep. by that time it was time to pull me out and send the rescuer in. >> i was the second one to go in the hole, got down about 30 feet into the hole,here's about 2 to 3 feet of water in the bottom of the hole, luckily there were no toxic gases down in the hole to where it would have overcome here uil we got to him. he had good fresh air going down
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to him. once at the bottom of the hole, i got the victim strapped in to the rescue device. and attached him to the haul line, gave him directions on how to guide his way out of the hole and signalled for the crew on top of the hole to lift him out. >> the equipment operator was isted to safety, decontaminated as a precaution, and then taken to a nearby hospital for observation. meanwhile, the rescuers say this is one they won't forget, especially the sme. >> sewer water. >> what a smell it was this afternoon as well. the man, we should note is an equipment operator with the department of public works. flown to a nearby hospital for observation. they want to make sure there are no internal injuries, they do expect him to be just fine. jim, wendy, back to you guys. >> i thought i was having a tough day. thank you. >> get ready for some big weather changes, folks. a tropal depression is headed our way, bringing a lot of wet stuff with it.
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doug kammerer is tracking the system. what do we have come something. >> we've been talking about this system over the past week or so, the potential of it making its way up the coast. it's exactly what's going to be happening no some areas over the last 24 hours have received anywhere between a third of an inch, to two, two and a half inches of rain over the last 24 hours. get ready r a lot more rain. temperature of 81 degrees, still nice and warm today. a limb on the breezy side. winds out of the south-southwest at 14 miles an hour. you can see the rain pulng away from our area. cloudiness behind it, normally i would not be showing you a tropical depression that's right now in the caribbean. it is expected to move to the north. it could become tropical storm nicole, but all of that moisture will make its way toward the north over the next 24 hours. first into parts of florida, and then into the southeast. and thennto our area as well. somof that rainould be falling heavily by tomorrow night. this is going to be a situation
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we're really going to have to watch out for. we could be eing flood watches put into effect maybeas early as tonight. but definitely by tomorrow for some areas that could see 2 to 4 inches of rain, we could be talking about 30 to 35 mile an hour winds as well. big changes coming up in the weather. i'll update you on exactly whey think is going to happen for your area later on. >> thank you, doug. flames could be seen for miles after fire spread through a barn killing several cattle and destroying part a local landmark. this was started around 8:00 last night at the livestock exchange. a facility that was not significantly damaged. but the holng area was destroyed. >> it was approximately 200 to 250 cattle in the facility at that time. we did lose five during the fire. but we were able to get out the rest. >> for now farmers will have to find a new location to exchange their cattle.
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investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked all of this. who is setting cars on fire alo 16th street in northwest d.c. in the police and fire investigators still trying to answer that question. six recent fires they believe are connectedand there may be more than a dozen incidents all together. they started about a monthago. anyone with information is asked to call the d.c. fire department. now to a developing story. former president jimmy cter will stay in the hospital for the night after experiencing an upset stomach on a flight to cleveland. his grandson says he's doing fine, but doctors want to keep him there overnight. the 85-year-oldas flying there to promo his new book. he's expected to resume his book tour on wednesday here in washington. a doctor who was shot at john's hopkins hospital up in baltimore is back at home tonight. the hospital says dr. david cohen was released last night. he spent ten days recovering from surgery, after being shot earlier this month. the gunman, paul partis was
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upset about the news dr. cohen was delivering about his mother's condition. he shot and killed his mother before taking his own life. adrian fenty tralled to new york city to participate in an nbc education nation panel today. he also offered a hint on what he plans to do after he leaves office. today' talks are part of a week-long series folk you using on the state of our nation's schools. mayor fenty was one of several officials ofring his opinion. in order to achieve education reform, politicians have to be willing to take a political hi many believe fenty lost his re-election bid because voters were upset over school reforms speer headed by michelle reid. fenty was also asked, what's next for he and chance lower reid? >> well, she's got her own personal decision to make. both of us have seen enormous
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progressble to be madet the local level. and both of us are going to stay involved. we're probably going to be just as much agitators from the outside as we've been from the inside. because we've got -- this fight is nowhere near over. >> fenty also criticized teacher's unions for getting in the way of progress. coming up in our next half hour, we'll be talking to tom brokaw as part of our education nation coverage. what he says about michelle reid's reforms and bill gates, what gates is doing to help find teachers that are suitable to be teaching our kids. that's tonight coming up at 5:30. when we come right back at 5:00, a local high school football player killedust moments after stepping off the field. a maryland cell phone ban goes into effect this friday. but some people fear this new law may make the problem worse. a battle over bedugs heads to court.
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why a maryland family says their landlord didn't do enough to protect them om the pesky protect them om the pesky problem. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in tse tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's worki. experts say we now have the number one schoo in the natn. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again andi tell bob ehrlich b banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. u street between 9th and 14th is shut down after one person was killed and another wounded. police say the victims were leaving a funeral for a murder victim when this gunfight began. so far no arrests, the police are looking for a white crown
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victoria speeding away from the scene. a charles county man had to be rescued after he fell down a 20 foot well this morning at a pump station tat feeds into a sewage treatment plant in waldorf. it took about an hour for the crews to free him. he was taken to a nearby hospital just for observation. no one's expecting him to be in any trouble. five cows are dead after a fire broke out at abarn. officials say 200 250 cattle were inside. the facility itself is not significantly damaged, but the holding areaas destroyed. investigators are still trying to figure out how it started. turning to the weather now, i'm telling you, my pier was under water. we had high tides this morning. >> that's because of the southeast winds we've seen. coastal flooding could be a problem tonight, and especiall as we move into the day on thursday as well. this is really going to be an
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interesting system over the next couple days,t's going to give us a lot more of what we just had, a lot of rain and wind. i think this time around it could be worse for everybody. not everybody saw the heavy rain during the day yesterday. agan national only picked up about 3/10 of an inch of rain total. while other areas, parts frederick county in maryland did see upward of 2 to 3 inches of rain. not everybody saw it, but we do need to see more, believe it or not. sometimes we say this time of year, we need a tropical syst to move up into the region. mother nature i guess has heard us, because we have a tropical system beginningo make its way toward the area right now. 80 degrees right now. winds still out of the south-southwest at 14 miles per hour, ties will be higher overnight tonight as well. 81 right now in d.c., 78 in sterling, 79 in manassas, hagars town maryland coming in at 80. there's the frontal boundary that's made its way off the
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coast. it's not going to make its way far enough off the coast that we're not going to see rain make its way toward the area. tropical depression 16 is now down toward the caribbean. it could become tropical storm nicole. that doesn't matter. what matters is this moisture in the caribbean, also all this moisture in parts of florida as well. there's a ton of moistureere, and it's all expected to mve up toward the north. we're going to watch this closely to see where this storm goes. here's the front again, moving off the coast. watch wat happens, lookat all the rain already by tomorrow morning by the carolinas. tomorrow afternoon, showers around our region and then just plain rain and wind tmorrow night and into thursday. we could see a rainy and wet day thursday. not to mention winds gusting upwards of 30 to maybe 40 miles an hour, especially down near our coastal areas around the lmarva. this is a storm we're going to have to watch. this evening, partly sunny, winds diminishing. for tomorrow morning, waking up
5:17 pm
to some cooler numbers, 54 to 61 degrees, partly cloudy. a dry start, you'll wake up and say, this is a pretty nice morning out there, i guess it's going to ba pretty nice day. no, you'll see the cloudsove on in. take the ubrella with you tomorrow. because by late afternoon, you may see some of those late day showers, 70 to 74 degrees for a high, and then the hammer drops, wind tonight into the day thursday. 79, very tropal feel, but does look like this will get out of here late friday into the day on saturday, with cooler weather making its way in. >> weekend's looking good, we like that. >> weekend's looking okay. a new strict cell phone ban is about to take effect for drivers in maryland. authorities want all drivers to know about t new rules on the road. chris gordon joins us live along i-270ith the story. >> reporter: commuters here ar from maryland, virginia, west virginia and pennsylvania.
5:18 pm
and over on 95, could you find drives from any state in the union and tourists from any country in the world. this new maryland ban on handheld cell pne use while drive ago driving applies to all of thm. no texting, no handheld cell phones. the goal is to cut down on distracted driving. last year in maryland, there were 549 traffic fatalities. a large number were caused by distctions. >> 30% of those recent crashes have been related to people using their cell phones or texting. and we want to make sure that people understand, evenhough we think we can do three or four things in the car at one time, it's never a good idea. >> reporter: texting while driving was made a primary offense last year. it took longer to get the new law bang handheld cell phone use while driving. it's a secondary offense. which means if the driver gets stopped for speeding or neglect driving. they can also get ticketed for
5:19 pm
drivi with a handheld cell phone. >> i hope that message gets around, and particularly to young people. we passed legislation that no cell phone use whatsoever for people with provisional licees. ♪ >> reporter: this is a new public service announcement created by maryland high school students as part of national drive safely workweek. >> to have a peer talk to you about, hey, weie in crashes, we need to pay tention when we're driving, i think that's quite compelling, particularly when it's coming from one young person to another. >> but a new study released today of states that have similar laws banning handheld cell pho use while driving actually shows that in some states, auto accidents have increased since the ban was put into effect. we'll get local reaction to that
5:20 pm
as our coverage conties tonight on news 4 at 6:00. we're live along 270 in rockville. back to you. >> we'll check back then. chris gordon, thank yo still ahead, paying for parking in the district tonight. the new push to drive down costs, even though it will cost the city millions in revenue. it's bee hailed assed future of transportation. how safe are segues? what researchers are now saying after the death of the comny's owner. mariah carey takes a tumble on stage, it's what happens after the fall tha
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prince william county animal control is partnering with a local veterinary clinic to gain control on the increasing number of cats. the new initiative is called one spay at a time. residents are taught how to safely trap the cats which are sterilized by local vets. the program costs $6,000, but saves th county $30,000 for trapping and sheltering the cats before euthanizing. mariah carey takes a spill, it's the hottest piece of property in new york and it's not real estate.
5:24 pm
the man called a 980-pound crocodile his best friend. these are stories that make you say what? mariah carey took a spill singapore over the weekend. she recovered quickly, and then she had her assistants take her stilettos off. she finished her t barefoot. handly says he's ready to take my shoes off if i ever become unstable. aren't you? >> i'll do it. the street sign that marks joey ramon place has been stolen four times since it was insta installed in '03. the city replaced it aga and put it 8 feet higher. a fisherman in costa rica is best friends with a crocodile. there's reason why they're so chummy. the fisherman's name is chito. continue years ago he found this crockear death on a beach.
5:25 pm
someo shot it. he took the animal home, nursed it back to health, and now the two are little buddies and are inseparatable. there you go. right after the break, what makes a good teacher. bill gates is hoping his millions can answer that very question. we'll explain how with a live report from tom brokaw next. i'm jane watrell, a high school community is in mourning over the untimely death of an unpu popular team. why a judge is diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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they're hard to miss. hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! a fast forward through the headlines, fire investigators through the district are asking for the public's help in solving a rash of car fires. five vehicles caught fire in the mount pleasant columbia heights neighborhoods. fire officials tell us they appear to be suspicious, and most happened in the late night and early morning hours. a strict new cell phone ban for drivers takes effect in maryland this friday. you can stil use a cell phone while stopped at a light, but when the car is in motion, you must use a hands free device or hang up. a violation would come as a
5:29 pm
second offense. meaning drivers could only be pulled over if they're breaking another law. and d.c. mayor adrian fenty says politicians have to take some political hits and risks if they're serious about reform. he made that comment during nbc's education nation panel discussion today up in new york. the mayor who lost his re-election bid this month also said he'll likely stay involved in education aer leaving office. now, let's fas forward to the weather, doug? >> not a bad day today. really over the next 18 hours enjoy the dry weather. the rain is going to make it's way back into the forecast area. winds out of the south-southwest at about 14 miles an hour. they've been a bit gusty during the day today. the rain that we've seen over the past 24 hours is now exiting the region, that's good news as well. we'll be dry tonight, dry tomorrow morning, and then some big changes, 60 degrees overnight tonight in the istrict. 54 in warrenton.
5:30 pm
martinsburg, west virginia one of the cooler spots. tomorrow temperatures in the low 70s. we'll see sunshine to start the day, clouds bynoon, and those clouds will be increasing, thickening during the afternoon, and we will see rain. most likely by rush hour in some locations, the heaviest rain starts tomorrow night. but again, some ars could pick up 2 to 4 inches of rain by this time thursday night. we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, doug. in stafford, virginia, a community is in mourning over the death of a high school athlete who was known as a friend to everyone. >> he died saturday after being involved in a car accident just a few miles away from his school. >> repoer: he just left his high school football locker room and was headed home alone after a game on friday night. authorities say somehow the 17-year-old lost control of his car. funny, determined, smart and motivated are just a few othe words friends and coaches have
5:31 pm
used to describe forrest peterson. number 51 on the brook point football team. now number one in their heas. >> there wasn't one person on our team that didn't like him, more importantly, respect the attitude that he had, a the convictions that he had. it was really strong and powerful. he taught me a lot about being a person, and he's 17 and i'm 37. >> the multisport athlete died saturday after being invold in a single car accident friday night, just a few mile as way from theigh school, the entire school has been in a days ever since. >> it's the quietest it's been my whole time here. walking through the halls, was so quiet. it's never been so quiet. >> reporter: a facebo page quickly sprang up to honor the hardworking young man, who arrived at the stafford school only last year, after his father transferred to quantico. he made a big impression in a big way.
5:32 pm
joining the football and wrestling teams and navy junior rotc. since his death, over 1700 people have wtten heartfelt tributes. >> i called his cell phone a coupleimes. i won't forget him. he'll always be there. >> and in a way, he's right. forrest petersonas an organ donor, something consoling his grieving coach and teammates through this difficult time. >> a 13-year-old girl is going to get his heart. that girl is going to be able to run for days and days, because he was in shape. and then two newborns getting his liver. it's just special, and that's forrest. >> virginia state police are investigating the cause of the crash. funeral services will be held r forrest peterson on thursday. >> jane, thank you. education nation. nbc's week long series is taking
5:33 pm
a look at classrooms in our country to see what's working and what's n. >> with us tonight is tom okaw. on "nightly news" tonight you're faulking to bill gates about his multimillion dollar project that aluates teachers, how does it work? >> well, he's spent a half a billion dollars, actually. all around the country putting video cameras in classrooms with cooperative teachers, asking them to fill out questionnaires, getting feedback from students and parents. measuring their effectiveness, and he's going to collect all of this data and make a report from the gates foundation that will be available to all parties as well as school principals. and for the first time we'll have an idea how students respond to teachers. in one math class, for example, the teacher org nightsed the kids into competitive pairing. bill got right involved with
5:34 pm
them. they were sixth graders, he wanted to see how they were competing against each other, and at the same time learning new math skills with fractions and how they're applied. >> interesting. today on a panel. our outgoing mayor was saying that these days in order to do any kind of educational reform, have you to take a political hit or risk. of course, we've seen the d.c. school chance lower, quite a controversial figure. is that really where we are that in order to really do any kind of reforming, you have tout your job on the line? >> i thinkhat's true. i asked the mayor to appear on this panel, i was grateful he did show up today. and he expressed himself quite strongly. there was no bitterness on his part. he does recognize there are a lot of constituencies involved. we're at a place in american educational reform, where we're breaking a lot of crockery, and we have to do that to set the
5:35 pm
table in a new way, there are going to be consequences for that. there will be other political people who will lose out in the process as well. at least we have a dialogue going now, and i hope it will continue to be constructive. >> do you see mayor fenty as a national figure in reform now? do you think thas where his future is or could be? >> well, i think that it very well could be. i'm n going to go through and diagnose all the problems he had when he was running for re-election. i happen to be a big fan of michelle reid, i spent a lot of time wit her in the district and the classrooms and watching her work. i know these are tough issues, closing schools and firing teachers and bringingn teachers from outsi the district and getting students to get financial incentives to do well, at the same time the indications are, you' beginning to see an uptick in the curves there and that's what it's all about. >> and, of course, president obama making headlines saying his daughters could not get the same quality of education in the
5:36 pm
d.c. public schools as they're getting at sidwell friends private school here in d.c. a lot of people nodded their heads and said, yeah, but i'm sure a lot of people it rubs them the wrong way. >> we had the head of the naacp and he's been critical of what's going on in washington, d.c., but at the same time he had his children in the d.c. school system. at's a big issue around the country about parents who are able to afford it signing the check, sending their kids off to the private schools, and then thefeel in a way disconnected from what's going on in the public schools. we face those choices as a family here in new york. but new york city schools have gotten better now, and then t question is, how do you have enough room in the public schools for the kids -- all the kids that want to get in. >> nbc's tom brokaw. thank you for joining us. we look forward to ur report on nightly news tonight. education nation continues on "nightly news" with brian
5:37 pm
williams at 7:00. why is bill gates spending millions of dollars. you can chime in on the educators that made an impact in your life. tacoma park, maryland is trying to end part of its century old ban on alcohol sales. last night the city council voted to allow businesses to selleer and wine for offsite consumption. that resolution, however, would only apply to sitdown restaurants. the city has allowed sle of onsite alcol consumption since 1983. the resolution will now go before state lawmakers. a howard county couple is suing their landlord over a bed bug infestation. the brow filed a half million dollar lawsuit against the owners and managers of their aparent complex in ellicott city. building managers were supposed to exterminate their apartment as a precaution after a neighbor's unit was treated for bed bugs, b it never happened.
5:38 pm
the couple and their 3-year-old daughter suffered red, itchy welts from bed bug bites. they eventually had to throw away all their possessions and move in with relatives. coming up on news 4 at 5:00. questions about the safety of segues after the owner's tragi death. we have details of a surprising new study. and continuing our education nation series, we'll tell you how one local high school is making big strides just a few years after it opens. you're watching news 4 at 5:00 live in hd.
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a big achievemt for schools, dominion high opened in 2003. administrators knew they would have to overcome resentment from students that were forced to travel from other schools. >> now there's a strong sense of community. >> it's a hot august sunday weeks before school starts, but a welcoming committee is going house to house. >> we' going to head to the next one. >> their objective personally meeting every family that's new to the school. the effort is led by principal brewer. >> welcome to tart an territory. our annual visit to welcome families to the school. we wond if you have any questions or concerns about coming to high school. we want to make sure you're
5:42 pm
going to know about the events. >> reporter: the team visits at least 30 families each weekend, laying the groundwork for the educational philosophy that gues this unique high school. >> in order to create the most effective school we can be, we need it to be the most effective place it can be. >> reporter: they are on a first name basis with the students even though there are 1300 of them there. >> hi, diego. 700? you're going to go to the left, en the right then the left. >> we have nick kersky over there. >> dominion also builds personal connections through clubhses, twice weekly sessions that are designed to be far more than just homerooms. they match students with one teaer. they stay with the same leader all fourears. >> the most important thing that
5:43 pm
happens during clubhouse is our students set goals. for their own academic performance each quarter. >> the teachers monitor student progress. and the results are striking. the failure rate at dominion dropped from 7% to 1.7% in five years. >> it's because of the personal relationships, and the personal investment of students begin to feel once they set goals that they're assessing their progress toward on a regular basis. >> the high school was recently ranked 200 first in newsweek's listing of top u.s. high schools. >> administrators also set high expectations for student behavior. in factthe principal takes a small group of students the first week of school and shows them how they're expected to walk in the hallways. it does more than just brighten their day. >> it'sind of the whole comfortable thing. they want me to try hard, and i have my score from my family too, and it scoots me up further. iave more motivation to do my
5:44 pm
hardest. >> every student they have this sense of belonging to the school. >> it hos many parents too. increasing their willingness to be involved. >> y feel you want to do that for somebody who puts out an effort to get to know your children and family. >> i'm so glad you're bk. >> to find out more about nbc's education nation coverage, head to our website at while you're there, you can weigh-in onhe educator that made the biggest impact on your life and tomorrow night my report on fairfax county schools. still ahead, you may not be digging deep in your pockets for a lot of change. we're going to tell you how much you can save and how to take advantage.
5:45 pm
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utiliti jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for g corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
drivers in the district may soon get relief from the city's aggressive effort to raise parking meters. >> legislation would roll back all those higher costs. tom sherwood has more on how much you can save. >> parking tickets are common in the district. and some cars drive around with them like trophies. the district in recent years has slammed down hardn motorists. the city doubled t meter charge to $2 an hour.
5:48 pm
and all major changes from just two years ago. >> everybody, everybody's aggravated. the restauranteurs who feel their patrons have to run back out and feed the meter. now we have meters that run up to 4 hours. we're diving away people. >> jack evans says he'll introduce legislation ne week on whether to eliminate charges on night and weekend parking. except in the most crowded city areas. >> this will always be a commuter city in many respects and we want people to come into the city, shop at our restaurants and eat. we're never going to be a society that in order to get around, you take public transportation or ride a bike. >> reporter: vincent gray in line to be the city's next mayor says he also supports at least a
5:49 pm
partial roll back of cost and hours. it would cost the city about $10 llion in lost revenue, and it would cost at lst a half million dollars to change all the signs and meters. most citizens interviews tuesday welcomed the roll back. >> it's great. it's cheaper, better. >> i have a lot of friends that live in virginia and maryland, they literally come into the district and they're worried about the time limits of those actual parking tickets they're receiving. >> it's a good idea. i me, parking meters are high. especially in downtown. >> you worried about getting tickets? >> all the time. >> a study at george washington university finds a growing number of injuries from people using segues. this comes after the owner of the company plunged over a cliff while riding a segue. about a quarter of segue users in our area had to be admitted
5:50 pm
due to injuries. we want to shift to sports, we're ck on the ice. >> lindsay's at the verizon center where the caps are making their preseason home debut. >> we set up down here at verizon center. i want to show you how good things are for the capitals. the ice crew this year is sponsored by volkswagen. they tell me they get a free car at the end of the year, but what they really want is a stanley cup. alex ovechkin makes his preseason debut, tt's the big deal down here. he'll be playing on a line with mike knuble. i had a chance to talk to knuble earlier, he sees the benefit of the preseason, but he can't wait to get the regular season started. i've seen you at the redskins games, i'm wondering if you have the same sentiment they do about preseason games, you'd rather not deal with them at all? >> yeah, they're a necessary ev evil. it's one of things, you want to play them, you want to get to a
5:51 pm
point where you're comfortable and ready to play the season. some guys want to play a lot. i know you've got to play them, that's the reality, because you can't duplicate game situations anywhere but in the game. it'something you want to get through playing well, don't get hurt, trying to ok forward to the art of the season. >> game four of the stanley cup playoffs last year, you scored two goals, had a great game, and obviously you guys lost in the first round. how hurricanery doesthat make you to make you want to get to regular game time? >> i think after th season ended, players wanted restart the playoffs. the fact,it's a long way off. and it's a long time. >> that's what i mean. is it a grind when you're looking at it? >> it will. irmean, the players, you have to play the regular season. and i don't know, will be teresting to see if anything changes in our locker room, as
5:52 pm
far as the owners. we still want to play well. it would be life and death to finish first. we might do it anyway. our judgment's going to come in the spring, but you can't -- we're the team that has to wai until april, and it is a long grind. it's a season and we're hockey players, we all love to play, it's not that much of a chore, really. i love to play our hockey games that we playoff season. >> you have so much veteran experience. what do you think this team leas in the playoff experience? >> well, it's hard. that's what i think everybody's been asking, maybe 'it's a little -- it was obviously humbling. at's the biggest thing, it was very humbling as a group. the years before i got there, kind of small steps moving forward, and then last year was a step back. so maybe sometimes you have to get knocked down a little bit before you can climb again, and that's what you have to hope. i think the guys are -- no matter what happens in the regular season, we all know that the playoffs will be our time,
5:53 pm
and well be really excited to get there. getting through the regar season, you know, it's going to be about playing well. >> veteran micah nub ilis the first to speak with us this preseason. >> hang on a second. the ice crew is getting a true voeksz wagon car? >> i was kidding about that. >> i was going to say. we need to get on that crew. >> maybe theyill now. coming up, tracking your moves in cyberspace. >> up next, online spying could get even easie
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the feds want to start keepg an eye on social media sites like facebook and twitter as part of their fight against terrorism. >> but the push is getting a mixed ception. >> it's not hard to find a connected college student. these days a computer screen is as close as your laptop or cell phone. this is the new reality of communication, and why some federal officials are pushing for changes to the wiretap laws. >> wel, i honest ly am not doing
5:57 pm
anything wrong, so i think it's fine. >> reporter: apparently the law had to stop at encrypted messages from blacerries or peer to peer networking sites like facebook or skype. >> they should be able to look at facebook or skype, you want to catch the bad guy in the end, right >> the obama administration is trying to strike a balance between national security needs and protecting privacy. >> it might start out as, we're doing this one area, we're just doing facebook,nd it moves on to everything. >> if 's something that will help me be protected and protect my friends and family, i'm all for it. >> reporter: the government would like to see these changes in wiretap laws so they can keep up on the bad guys and the technology they're using. don't expect any of this to happen until early next year. >> i didn't know if they could do that. they should definitely legalize
5:58 pm
it. >> still, any proposed changes to wiretap laws will bring up criticism and privacy concerns. >> it will be hard tore find out things. it means we have to find ways look into our technology to see what we're doing, we have to find another means to find out if we're doing something wrong or not. >> that's it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 is next. drivers in maryland will soon be among those band from talking on the phone while behind the wheel many. >> a corker trapped 30 feet down in a well in charles county. president obama has a new message to fellow democrats on his four-day road trip. a busy shootout during lunchtime on busy u street. >> family and frids were saying good-bye to a woman who was murdered and then gunfire
5:59 pm
erupted at the funeral procession on u street northwest a feud between gangs was the cause of it all. pat collins has arrived on the scene just after the shooting and joins us now with more on this. >> what an incredibly bold act of murder here on u street. as you look downthe street you can see the cops continue to process the scene. continue to sweep looking for shell casings and evidence. continued to lo for murder suspects. and continue in their efforts to try to prevent any acts of retaliation. gang violence in broad daylight in the middle of one of our city's most popul streets. one dead, o wounded. a car overturned, suspects on the run. five blocks of u street closed down for hours as police investigate and look for clues.

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